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  • Kid’s Car Safety!

    Every time we take a ride in our cars, we are (or we should be) concerned primarily about safety. We want to get our passengers to our destination as safely and as comfortably as we possibly can, especially if those passengers are children. That’s why we know the importance of a child seat. It can save your child’s life. ... Read More

  • Need A Great Family Car?

    For all you growing, or already grown families, we know your struggle for a comfortable vehicle. For all you busy soccer moms, we know what a bigger, more kid-friendly car would mean to you. For all you dads, who’ve got to take their little girl and her 15 friends to that ballet concert, don’t worry – we’ve got ya! That’s why ... Read More

  • 4 Reasons why you need a Hybrid

    Hybrid cars used to be an over-priced, early-adopter’s far-fetched experimental green-dream. The technology used to have serious glitches until it was popularized and refined with the 2015 Toyota Prius. The incentive to buy green hybrid cars in Brockville are no longer just for environmental conscious reasons. It is a fiscally wiser ... Read More